Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Handles For Your Home

Having the perfect kitchen is a dream for many homeowners. It’s worth investing time and money to ensure you have everything you want and need. One way to do this is to know how to choose the perfect cabinet handlesBut what exactly does “perfect” mean? Well, it depends on what type of look and feel you’re going for — and how much work you want to put into styling your cabinets!  

How to choose kitchen cabinet handles

You probably don’t think about your kitchen handles much. But as soon as you open the cabinet door, they become a focal point. The handle is what you see first, what you touch first and what you feel first. Before you go shopping for a kitchen cabinet handle, here are top tips on how to choose kitchen handles:

Consider the kitchen’s interior design style

Take some time to consider the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Choosing handles for your kitchen can affect its appearance. Here’s how you choose kitchen handles based on your kitchen’s interior design:

  • Modern kitchen  Go for handles with polished finishes, matte black, chrome or stainless steel to achieve a modern look.  

  • Antique kitchen — Make it appear grand and beautiful with gold, brass, nickel or bronze finishes that match other antique features in the house.

  • Farmhouse-style kitchens —  Pick brass or matte black bin pulls cabinet handles for your shaker cabinets to add a warm, homey feel.  

  • Transitional, traditional or vintage kitchen — Bring sophistication to your kitchen using ornate handles or drop pulls.

  • Rustic or cottage-style kitchen — Consider picking up some vintage kitchen handles with a rustic appeal that will complement your wooden cabinets.

Match with the home’s exterior design

Make sure each piece of hardware blends seamlessly with the other fittings in your kitchen. Matching the interior and exterior aesthetics creates continuity throughout the space. For example, choose one handle from the brass handles collection if there’s a brass accent on your home exterior.  

Make sure it is ergonomic

Kitchen cabinet handles should be ergonomic because you will constantly use them. Check if you can fit all four fingers comfortably around them and if you can grip it nicely with your thumb. Avoid those with sharp edges or tight spots so it won’t be uncomfortable to open and close your cabinets.

Are your current handles difficult to open? It’s time to change it. You can DIY or seek professional help if you do not know how to change your kitchen cabinet and cupboard handles.

Check cabinets and drawers size

The size of the knob should complement the cabinet. Measure carefully to find out what size of door handle you need. Determine if there are any restrictions on dimensions or shapes that would prevent using certain styles of door hardware in your space. Check out the ultimate kitchen handles size guide for reference on the right kitchen knobs sizes.

Choose materials and finishes

KT & Co Designer Hardware has a wide range of kitchen handle collections with various finishes and materials. The best options include stainless steel, metal, wood and bronze.

Avoid using plastic knobs that easily crack, so your new handles will last for years. Instead, opt for hardwood or metal options durable enough to withstand daily use without any issues. When you get your kitchen cabinet handles from KT & Co Designer Hardware, we offer 24 months warranty if you experience any issues.

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with KT & Co Designer Hardware

The kitchen is an integral part of any home, and the handles are one way to make it feel more like your own. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, there are plenty of options out there — and KT & Co Designer Hardware can help you find what fits your needs!  

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