The Ultimate Kitchen Handles Size Guide

Knowing how to choose the right size handles for kitchen cabinets can take a bit of skill. While it’s all too easy to focus your attention on the look and feel of the handles, it’s important to consider whether the hardware fits functionally, too. In this blog post, we explain how to determine handle size for your kitchen cabinets to ensure they’re both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically practical.

Are kitchen cupboard handles standard size?

A common question many people ask is, are kitchen handles standard size? In a nutshell, the answer is no. Distance between the centre — which refers to the necessary space between the drill holes that secures your handles in place — is an important measurement that impacts what size handles for kitchen cabinets you’ll need. You may wish to use existing holes in your cabinet, or perhaps you’d like to check precisely where on the cupboard door the handle will sit before you choose the model. By utilising the ‘distance between centre’ measurement to determine the correct size, you’ll avoid ill-measuring handles — saving yourself time and money and avoiding any unnecessary clashes with neighbouring cupboard doors.

How to determine handle size for your kitchen cabinets

With so many stylish options available, choosing the right kitchen handles for your cabinet doors can be a little overwhelming. When considering handle sizes, your decision also needs to take into account the style and shape of the handle you prefer. Perhaps you have small cupboards, but love the long, smooth lines in our contemporary range, for example. By choosing the shortest handle in the range, you’ll achieve the sleek modern look you’re after without sacrificing functionality. And since it’s connected by a single screw point, you can easily use the existing drill hole in your cupboard. From vintage styles to urban brass handles, no model is off-limits, providing you’re smart about selecting the right size for your existing kitchen fittings.

Style versus functionality

When it comes to figuring out what size handles for kitchen cabinets work best, ease of use is probably the most important consideration for your renovation plans. Whether you opt for a large traditional knob style handle or prefer the modernity and subtle aesthetic of a lip pull handle, making sure the handle is serviceable for your kitchen layout is key. For example, the former knob might be a better fit if you have limited grip mobility. But if you have very young children or pets and low bottom drawers, the latter lip pull style may be more suitable. Whichever you choose, you don’t need to sacrifice high-quality design in order to create a practical cooking space that works for all the family at KT & Co Designer Hardwear.

Fitting your new kitchen handles

Once you’ve determined the right sizing and you’ve picked out the design, it’s time to fit your new kitchen handles. Before you pick up the drill, be sure to double-check the ‘distance between centre’ measurements to ensure a precise fit. To make sure every handle you fit is perfectly aligned, measure the distance from the bottom hole to the base, and as well as from the side of your cupboard door. Make a note of the measurements to use as a blueprint for a straightforward fit and flawless finish every time. Before you attach handles to kitchen drawers, mark a centre point on the face of the fixture to use as a handy guide for drill holes. This will ensure that your handle positioning is uniform across the entire set of drawers. Once you’re finished, stand back and admire your handiwork. Your kitchen upgrade is complete!

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