How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Your kitchen cabinet handles play a vital role in the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. However, they can accumulate dirt, grease, grime and other contaminants over time as they’re frequently touched during cooking and daily activities.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to clean kitchen cabinet handles, keeping them in a pristine state, as well as maintaining a clean, healthy kitchen environment.

Material matters

Before we delve into how to clean kitchen cabinet handles, here’s a crucial tip to carry along on your cleaning adventure — consider the material. Take a moment to really think about the materials your cabinet knobs and pulls are made of.

  • Wood — Harsh detergents and steel wool aren’t great for wooden handles. To give them an effective but gentle clean, opt for a blend of mild soap and wood oil. This not only cleans but also adds a glossy finish, making your wooden knobs look their absolute best.
  • Metal — Breathe new life into your metal and stainless-steel kitchen cabinet handles with a mild soap and water combo. A quick wipe-down with this mixture (using a microfibre cloth), and they’ll sparkle like new.
  • Brass — When your brass knobs start looking a bit lacklustre, don’t despair. There’s a simple trick to restore their shine: a paste of baking soda and lemon juice. It works like magic, reviving the brilliance without harming the finish.

How to clean kitchen cabinet handles

When it comes to keeping your kitchen cabinet handles spotless, there are two key approaches:

  • Quick weekly clean — Mix warm water with a touch of vinegar in a spray bottle. Give those cabinet knobs a good spritz with this mixture. Then, grab a microfibre or soft cloth and gently wipe away the grime and any excess solution — it’s like giving your handles a refreshing shower!
  • Thorough deep clean — If it’s possible to remove your kitchen handles from their cabinets, do so before cleaning (this gives you full access to every nook and cranny). If not, you can still clean them in place.
  • Soaking solution — Fill a bucket with warm water, add a splash of vinegar and just a drop of mild dish soap. Immerse or coat your kitchen cabinet handles in this concoction and let them sit for around 30 minutes.
  • The rinse — After a half hour, take the handles out of the solution and thoroughly rinse with warm water. If you’re cleaning the handles while still attached to their cabinets, gently rinse off the solution with a warm damp microfibre cloth. This step washes away all that loosened grime.
  • Gentle scrub — If any stubborn spots or hidden dirt are left, a soft brush can be your secret weapon. Gently scrub away any remaining residue to leave your kitchen cabinet handles looking brand new.

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Cleaning your kitchen cabinet handles is a simple yet essential task to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of your kitchen. By considering the tips and insights we’ve provided and choosing high-quality handles from KT & Co Designer Hardware, you can ensure that your kitchen remains a clean and stylish space for years.

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