Why Lip Pull Handles Are The Perfect Addition To Your Modern Kitchen

Picture this: you’re preparing for a dinner party, and as you rush around the kitchen, your clothes get snagged by a cabinet knob.

Though not a significant problem, the minor inconvenience is enough to warrant wanting to replace your kitchen hardware with safer and more modern designs. Enter lip pull handles — the minimalist solution to your kitchen’s design and functional upgrade needs.

What are lip pull handles, and are they better than traditional hardware?

If you’re revamping your kitchen to have a more modern appeal with clean lines and sleek surfaces, lip pull kitchen handles are more suitable than protruding knobs and handles. Also known as recessed pull handles, lip pull handles are a type of cabinet hardware installed flush with the doors of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. In other words, they do not protrude from the surface, unlike traditional hardware, creating a seamless kitchen design.

If you like neutral colour palettes, integrated appliances and open floor plans, incorporating lip pull handles enhance the sophisticated look and functionality of your modern kitchen.

Key features of lip pull kitchen handles

While protruding hardware still has its place in kitchens, lip pull handles contribute to a more modern design. Here are their key features:

  • Minimalist aesthetic — With their sleek and discreet design, lip pull handles emphasise the essence of minimalism. The absence of protruding elements contributes to a clean and clutter-free look in your kitchen, whether your design theme leans toward contemporary, industrial or Scandinavian.
  • Ergonomic design Lip pull kitchen handles have a slight indentation called the lip, which provides a natural and comfortable grip for your fingers. The thoughtful design provides an ergonomic kitchen experience. 
  • Kitchen safety — Say goodbye to your clothes getting caught in protruding knobs and handles by replacing existing hardware with lip pull handles. The hardware’s flush design reduces the potential for accidents, an important safety consideration, especially if you have children at home.
  • Easy installation and maintenanceLip pull handles are easy to integrate into various types of cabinetry, but we recommend hiring professionals for flawless installation. 

Once they are set up, you won’t have to worry about complicated maintenance routines. The smooth and flush surface of lip pull kitchen handles minimises crevices where dust and dirt can accumulate. All you need is to give it a quick wipe to keep your kitchen hardware looking pristine. 

Lip pull handles add a unique touch to your kitchen cabinets that conventional hardware designs lack. Though they are subtle in design, these sleek handles contribute to a more modern and functional kitchen.

Transform your kitchen with lip pull handles from KT & Co

When it comes to sourcing high-quality lip pull handles, KT & Co is your go-to source for kitchen cabinets and door handles. Discover revolutionary lip pull kitchen handles in a wide range of finishes, catering to various design preferences, all on our site. Whether you’re aiming for a bold contrast with a matte black finish, a touch of luxury with brushed brass or a timeless look with chrome, we have a finish that suits your requirements.

Shop our collection of lip pull handles and select your desired finish and size to match the elements of your modern kitchen. Our handles are available in various edges, including shell lip, bevelled and rounded, offering a subtle yet impactful detail in your kitchen design.

At KT & Co, we understand the importance of procuring kitchen materials as soon as possible. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or staging it for potential homebuyers, you can enjoy fast delivery in Australia. We will ship your brand-new lip pull handles on the same day or the following business day as your order. For any enquiries, please refer to our help centre or reach out to us.

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